The Lean Innovation Bootcamp



It can be challenging to implement change and innovation because resources, time and money are finite. This is so whether you are a prospective start-up; a small business person; or an employee in a large organisation. Sometimes gaining support; resourcing, skills and cost are all contributors to falling behind trends or delaying implementing a new approach.

The Lean Innovation Bootcamp provides the right tools to participants to help them innovate cheaply and efficiently and to develop the mindset to think like an entrepreneur!

This session is a one day, fast paced and highly interactive program that enables new ideas to be tested and refined.

You will leave with a set of skills that enable you to evaluate any potential business idea or product and come to a conclusion that you are happy to invest more time and money into it, or not!

  • This is a one day / 8 hour facilitated workshop including lunch.
  • Date/Time: 26th March 2019 - 8:30am-5:30pm @ Station Resort, Jindabyne
  • Value: $700.00 Cost: $25.00
  • Lean Bootcamp Register Here
  • Location: Perisher Station Resort, Jindabyne


As a participant you should walk away with an understanding of the Lean Innovation Methods that are used by entrepreneurs all around the world and how it can drive success
and growth for your business.

  • Finding a new market need for your business or product
  • Learn how to gain customer insights and implement them into your everyday business practice
  • Learn how to pitch your new idea (this could be to your staff, boss, stakeholders or prospective customers and sponsors)
  • An understanding of innovation fundamentals and how to test and refine ideas


Zac Sequoia, Michael Phillips, Duncan Isaksen-Loxton, Thor Slater


Sleep well, bring a positive attitude and an open mind.