Jindabyne Chamber Rises Again

After a dormant period the past few years the Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce (JJC) is now active again after holding their AGM on Monday 31st March.
A strong showing of business owners and interested parties were present to vote in new committee members, hear presentations from key speakers and view a preview of two revised websites, Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce and Destination Jindabyne.
The new Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce website (www.jindabynechamberofcommerce.org.au) will be the core for locals to source everything related to Jindabyne including a listing of all businesses, events in the area and key information.
Anything that is happening in Jindabyne and surrounding areas will be posted here and will have a back end forum for JJC members to discuss ideas rather than convene regular meetings every month. Chamber meetings will be restricted to four times a year and the next scheduled for Monday May 5th, 6pm at Jindabyne Bowling Club.

Photo. The new Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce members, Back row (L toR) Geoffrey Stubbs, Lisa Matthes, Giddy Brandauer, Neil Brown, Marty Whittington, Zane Anderson. Front Row (LtoR) Bruce Easton, Toby Bradshaw, Christina Anderson, Nikita Anderson and Gordon Jenkinson.

Destination Jindabyne website (www.destinationjindabyne.org.au) will be specifically used as a promotional tool for Jindabyne, highlighting the many activities, ideal location, scheduled events and benefits for people to base themselves in Jindabyne for their stay in the Snowy Mountains.
Both these websites become live this week and there will be more updates in the near future on how they will benefit everyone in Jindabyne.
Membership of the JJC has been encouraging with a vast percentage of people pledging their support and a total of 72 members registered.
Businesses and individuals not involved so far would be advised to look at the whole package of benefits they could receive by being a member of the chamber including the ability to unite as a large group with a stronger voice on future issues. Annual fees are yet to be determined by the committee, but the benefits will far outweigh the costs on a yearly basis with everyone in the area being able to source all your business information in one location.
Gary Ryan from the NSW Business Chamber was also invited to speak to attendees and outlined the many benefits for business owners to be involved in the chamber, mentioning that harnessing the collective influence of chamber members can deliver savings on some of the core business expense areas such as energy, sustainability and business insurance.
"The NSW Business Chamber's alliance program gives local chamber member businesses access to a suite of our services which will help them in areas such as compliance and improving their bottom line," stated Ryan.
General Manager Snowy River Shire Council Joe Vescio presented some key facts (photo below) on the area including population projections and tourism comparisons with other areas. He was very supportive of the rejuvenised chamber, noting that Jindabyne was the biggest town in the Shire but the only one who did not have an active chamber.
Council will now have an enthusiastic chamber group to liaise with for any ideas and information that can benefit the whole Jindabyne community.

The new JJC committee will immediately focus on fine tuning the new websites and attracting more businesses and local people to be involved in the JJC and having their say in what happens in the Jindabyne community.

Promoting the Destination Jindabyne website will also be a priority to attract visitors and tourists to the site where all the information will be compiled, making it easy for people to see the advantages and highlights of staying in Jindabyne. These two separate websites will mirror each other with one dedicated for tourists and the other for locals.
A chamber subcommittee comprising Chair Bruce Easton, Secretary Tanya Ward, Events Steve Cuff and General Executives Dan Sherd, Lisa Smith and Toby Bradshaw will be behind the scenes directly involved in the Destination Jindabyne website promotion.
With the Snowy Mountains and Jindabyne areas relying on tourism to contribute to their economy it is a welcome sight to see the chamber back in action and some new young blood prepared to help in shaping the future and growth of the town.
Overall tourism contributes 17% to the Snowy Mountains regional economy and generates nearly 20% of all local employment, with the tourism impact in the regional economy proportionally larger than any other region in NSW.
Tourism Snowy Mountains (TSM) Executive Officer Neil Thew also addressed the meeting with details of the current TSM funding approval for a marketing campaign for the Snowy Mountains. Jindabyne will be a benefactor of this campaign as well, as more people are attracted to the area.
So the timing is prefect on many fronts to kick start the new websites and gain support from everyone in the community to be involved.
In summing up the evening new chair Christina Anderson stated, "I am very excited where we are going to go from here because it is great to see so much entrepreneurial ability in the one room, and if we all pull in the right direction I think we can achieve some remarkable outcomes."